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Inside Delhi's Belly- Delhi In and Around

Connaught Place: Delhi’s thumping heart
Inside Delhi's Belly
A Day out at North Campus, DU
If you have not explored North Delhi yet then it is about time you do. There is a lot that this place can offer in terms of places to see, shopping areas as well wonderful eateries and restaurants. Clean wide roads with various colleges under Delhi University, North Delhi’s North Campus is definitely worth more than one visit.
From Shawarma worth Rs. 35 to summer dresses worth Rs.400, the place is flooded mostly with students.

Roshnara Bagh
While on a visit, you can visit the grand park made by the government. You can easily take beautiful evening strolls in this open park with beautiful flowers and lanes made for joggers and people who want to leisurely spend their evenings.

Ridge Road
Returning from North campus without visiting Ridge Road would be a grave mistake. A perfect hang out place for families, couples and friends, the entrance to the park in Ridge Road has a considerable number of monkeys. But the walk in the park once inside is bound to be peaceful and if you are lucky you may also spot peacocks here.

Kamla Nagar Market
People shopping on a budget can actually find lots of trendy stuff right outside Adidas, UCB, Shoe Tree and other such swanky showrooms. From leggings to tank tops to hot pants to summer dresses to colourful wallets and even shoes and flip flops, you can find just about anything in these makeshift shops which have items priced roughly between Rs. 200 to Rs. 750.
You can also walk in to Miss Jo for accessories, jewellery and eyewear. Or if you want to get adventurous then try shopping for jewellery from small little shops that are huddled along the
Bungalow road.
The market is also ideal for picking home furnishing items. You can find beautiful lamps, pillow cases, sheets and other items to decorate the interiors of your home.

Big Yellow Door (BYD)
This place deserves special mention when it comes to sumptuous food at affordable cost. A meal for two here would cost you around Rs.500. The place is almost always packed with all kinds of people starting from students to families to even foreigners. Apart from scrumptious pastas, the place also serves mouth watering burgers. Do try the cheese bomb burger when you are at BYD. Order flavoursome shakes too along with your food. The cold coffee here is really amazing. However, if you are planning to visit, you should be ready to wait to get a table. Patience after all pays and in this case the wait is totally worth it.

Food, food and food…
While you are on your shopping spree, you can munch on the popular momos that a man serves in a crammed spot on the lane lined with book stores. Wash it down with the local lemon soda or ‘bantas’ that are easily available at every corner. You could also try the bhel puris here. The market is renowned for the chat as well. Yet another food item to try are the shawarmas sold in a makeshift shop tucked away in one of the narrow lanes of the market.

Once exhausted from shopping, you can give your feet a little rest by enjoying some Chinese food at QD’s. Do try the Tandoori momos – most people flock to the place especially for these specially made momos. Although the market has these big food chains like KFC, McDonald’s, Costa Coffee and Berco’s, the little eateries can offer better options and unique dishes at reasonable rates.

A lot of newly established restaurants have mushroomed in Hudson Lane. For a variety of cuisines, for instance, you can try Taxi restaurant. You can find, North Indian, Chinese, Lebanese, Mexican as well as Italian dishes here. Two things to try here would be the lasagne and the Singapore Chowmein.

For Korean dish lovers, mayo rice from Kori’s would definitely be inviting. If you are looking for Naga cuisine then you can go to Bamboo hut. Popular for its pork dishes, you should try the pork ribs, bamboo shoot pork and pork fried rice here.

If you are wandering around the campus and want to eat something, preferably vegetarian then you could also venture into the railway canteen in Arts Faculty. The place is known for its greasy but yummy choley bhature. What is more the food yet will not cost you beyond Rs. 70 to 80. Traffic Jam a popular shake that is available in almost all juice shops is also worth tasting. In fact it is actually filling. And after you are done, you can join the many youngsters who are quite often found enjoying a game of carom or just take a long stroll or just hang out underneath huge trees that are planted all across.

By: Annu Choudhury
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Majnu ka Tilla -North Delhi
Majnu ka Tilla is more than just a Tibetan colony. Visit this place for shopping, hanging out with friends and of course to explore Tibetan cuisine.

A small hillock in north Delhi, the winding narrow alleys of Majnu ka Tilla reminds you of Haus Khas Village at first glance. But that is just about where the similarity ends. The tilla is not as elaborate as HKV nor has designer apparel shops and highly expensive restaurants and bars to hang out. Despite being relatively modest, Majnu ka Tilla remains packed almost every evening by the youth from Delhi University as well as families. It is mostly occupied and run by Tibetans.

What to look out for:
For starters, the Gurudwara is a must visit. If you are interested in learning about the legend of the Majnu then this would be the place to find out all about it.

For people who are more interested in shopping, there are ample shops with apparel for both men and women around the place. Little shops with a large variety of not only clothes but also shoes can be found dotted across the narrow alleys. The price of clothes varies between as low as Rs. 700 for a casual top to roughly Rs. 1200 for dresses considering most of the items are imported.

If you want to take a peek into the Tibetan culture then do visit this shop that you may come across during your visit which sells everything Tibetan - Tibetan ethnic wear, pretty stoles, CDs which compose of devotional Buddhist chants and so on.

What to eat:
The two items that the place is renowned for are beef and pork dishes that the restaurants in Majnu ka Tilla offer. Of course, you can find a lot other things to satiate your taste buds but
Tibetan cuisine is definitely worth savouring when you are at MKT.

The place is full of good restaurants with equally good food. The price of food though would not be as inviting as the menu. However, one place that can offer ample food for two within a budget of between Rs. 500-600 would be Tee Dee’s. With fairly modest seating, the food is surprisingly sumptuous. Try the Beef Shabhaley here – it is a pastry with a heavy filling of mouth watering minced beef. For pork lovers, Pork Phingsha is a must try. It comes with a unique Tibetan bread called Tingmo. Vegetarians can also try the pan fried noodles here or even enjoy the veg momos at Ama restaurant which is also another popular restaurant that serves Tibetan delights.

The Tibetan colony has also remained an ideal place for couples who can enjoy a cozy set up at the Coffee House - a little café that serves herbal tea other than the regular coffee for coffee lovers. People with a sweet tooth should definitely try the cheesecakes available here. You could also try the marble cakes here. You can also find a good menu for breakfast with porridge and waffles being a complete hit with early risers.

If you love jewellery or are obsessed with hair accessories then you should definitely go to this shop as you enter the Tilla which has beautiful hair accessories starting from beautiful hair bands to colourful hair clips and a lot more.

How to get there:
If you are travelling from South Delhi or any other part of Delhi other than North then a metro to Vidhan Sabha at the Yellow line would be recommended. After you get off you can take a rickshaw to MKT which would cost you about Rs 20.
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Delightful Eateries Within Rs 100
It was built in 1957 and is located on the second floor of Mohan Singh Place, Connaught Place.

Why to go - It is in the city yet you feel you are somewhere far away. No one comes to take your order. Talk to a stranger without being bothered by anybody. You won’t hear the traffic of the busy Delhi streets. When you want to place an order, just call any one of the waiters.

What to expect - The food is cheap with Sandwiches and Coffee for mere Rs 30. But don’t expect your coffee to taste like that of Costa or Starbucks. It is made in a homely way and is humble and tasty. Seating arrangements are made both inside and outside.

The charm - The waiters in the Nehru caps remind you of an era gone by. You will have to pull your own plastic chair which gives a feeling of ownership and is comfortable too. The tree shade and the breeze on the face on some pleasant evening give the feeling of relaxation and peace.

The canteen is run by the Andhra Pradesh government for its employees working in Delhi. It is open to outsiders too. Located at Ashoka Road, it is near India Gate.

Why to go - Visit this place for cheap, tasty, hygienic and authentic Andhra Pradesh cuisines. The breakfast cost Rs 60 includes an idli, vada, dosa and coffee or tea. The chutneys and sambar will keep flowing as long as you sit there. Must try is their lunch thali full of puri, plain rice, vegetarian curries, dal, sambar,rasam, curd, sweet, papad, pickle and chutney. Additional servings are unlimited with no extra cost.

What to expect - The place is crowded and you will have to wait for a seat. The staff is extremely polite and helpful and will guide you to a seat as soon as they have one empty. Be prepared with your token or you won’t be entertained. The place runs on a first come first serve basis.

Located near Jantar Mantar and approx. 200 meters if you are entering from Tolstoy road is a small shop of South Indian surprise.

The charm - It is under the cover of trees on a footpath and because that road has no traffic you don’t have to worry of cars honking or the emissions from them. It is a small stone shop with no seating arrangements. Just tables to stand and eat and yet I want to go back there again.

What to expect - There are 32 items on the menu, all between Rs 30 to Rs 70. The quantity is satisfying and the food is tasty. Also known for rajma chawal and chole chawal if interested in north Indian food.

It is located at 4, Safdar Hashmi Marg, Mandi House and is walking distance from the Mandi house metro station. Behind the auditorium is its canteen.

What to expect - It feels like a small college canteen, which is occupied by college students interested in drama and theatre or with crowd older and mature. The crowd’s favourite is Chinese fried rice and momos. The quantity is sufficient on one serving so avoid ordering two-three items in one go. It’s a strict no smoking zone.
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Connaught Place
An entire day can be spent here and you will not be able to finish all that the place has to offer to you. It’s the most sought after tourist destination of Delhi by both national and international tourists. Street foods and upscale restaurants, window shopping and international brands, Old cinema halls and multiplexes, Connaught Place has it all in a historic location with a modern architecture.

Shop all you want:
Be it traditional ethnic Indian merchandise or the newest international trends, CP is giant of a market for all that one can desire for. It has all the internationally acknowledged brands and clothing lines which you can choose from and in case you want to cut on budget, still you will not go empty handed from here because of the vast window shopping markets here.

It is one of the most popular street markets of Delhi for it serves a wide range of clothing and accessories, from traditional Indian wear to all the modern trends. All you have to do is trust your bargaining skills, improve them, and you are ready to enter Janpath. From elegant ‘salwar kameez’ to exotic one piece, beautiful kaftans to attractive cropped tops, everything is available in Janpath in a range of colours and designs. And when you think of accessories, it’s nothing but a paradise. Tribal jewelleries painted in a modern colour, old style jhumkas, pendants, traditional jewelleries from almost entire nation, i-want-to-buy-them-all footwear, you just name it in Janpath.
One can find good cotton export merchandise here with rigourous search.
Be careful of those selling junk jewellery in the name of silver jewellery. Buy silver only from authentic shops.

Palika Bazar:
An underground market where you will get everything that you can think of. Literally, everything from electornic items, clothes, accessories, footwear, movie DVDs and CDs, jewellery. It''s largely a fake market. Only few shops are selling original electronic stuff. Ideal for purchasing clothes, shoes, jewellery etc.

Shankar Market:
Sells some good salwar kameez material. The place is also known to house good ladies tailors.

Eat your pockets out:
CP has a string of restaurants and bars and coffee shops like CCD, Costa Coffee, Pind Balluchi, Barbeque Nation, Dunkin Donuts, Berco’s, Parikrma: The Revolving Restaurant, etc. Thai, Continental, Italian, Chinese, Mughlai and our very own Indian, every cuisine is served at their best in various food joints here.

For authentic south Indian food you may visit the Sarvana Bhawan or the Andhra Bhawan and for spicy Punjabi tadkas, Pind Balluchi and Punjabi by Nature deserve a shot. Though there are lot of options for a good cup of coffee but you should not miss the Indian Coffee House, not as much for the coffee it serves as for its ambience and its historical importance in Delhi.

Some of the best Chinese and Japanese cuisines are served at Side Wok, Zen, Bercos, Taste of China, Fa Yian, Tao and Gola Zizzlers.

Also, some of the best mouth watering street food is served on the streets of CP that includes delicious ‘fruit chaats’ in front of American Centre, Momos and cold coffee at D’Paul, Milkshakes at Kaventer’s and different kinds of Paan outside Big Cinemas. You just start your journey in CP and everywhere the aromas will barricade you from moving further.

Hub of cultural activities:
Central Park:
When your excursion in CP becomes too tiring for the day and you want to call it off, the best way to do so would be by watching the sunset at the Central Park. It serves as a venue to lots of cultural activities and is an important part of CP’s night life.

Cinema halls:
Delhi is the capital of commerce, culture and entertainment, and CP is the centre of it all. The oldest cinema halls of India i.e., Rivoli, Regal and Odeon, are still running in CP, though under different ownerships and these theatre halls still retain their old charm. Used in earlier times to host Russian Ballets, Classical functions and other stage activities, these have now turned into shining multiplexes but their place in CP and their importance for Delhiwalas is still viewed as a revised chapter of History.
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Time: Nov 24, 07:00 pm
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(Music) Sitar recital by Ustad Nishat Khan
Date: Nov 30, 07:00 pm
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