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Experience Beauty & Romance in Macau

''You have to fly to Hong Kong first. Then take a ferry from there. They run every 15 mins.''

The House of Dancing Water : This year take someone you love to Macau’s The House of Dancing Water. Created and directed by Franco Dragone, 'The House of Dancing Water' is a breathtaking water-based show that draws its creative inspiration from the roots of Chinese culture, particularly the 'seven emotions' derived from classical Confucian beliefs, and is destined to be the most extravagant live production ever staged in Asia.
The House of Dancing Water is a truly unique show in every sense. This incredible production has been the iconic entertainment centerpiece of City of dreams and is deservedly garnering a growing international reputation as one of the most innovative and awe-inspiring productions to be staged anywhere in the world.

Dragon of Fortune : Symbolizing vitality, good fortune and well -being, the Dragon of Fortune combines traditional sculptural art, modern lighting and audio effects in a dramatic display at the Rotunda atrium of Wynn Macau.
The Dragon emerges in a rolling fog and rises to a height of 28 feet, featuring an animated head complete with glowing eyes and smoke billowing from its nostrils. The beautiful Lotus Blossom opens twelve feet in diameter and produces a dramatic crystal light effect.

Performance Lake : For the diehard romantics who want to charm their partners with Broadway music and beautiful lighting the Performance Lake located at the open area just in front of Wynn Macau is the perfect place to visit. In the Performance Lake, lofty plumes of water and fire shimmer and dance through the air to classical and popular music, as well as Broadway show tunes. To present this delightful illumination of water, light, color and fire, the Lake houses over 200 water nozzles and shooters and holds 800,000 gallons of water. This vibrant performance expressing a complexity of moods, rhythms and emotions provides a joyous and fascinating entertainment

Macau Tower: Experience Skyjump : For adrenaline junkies the second highest commercial skyjump in the world is at the Macau Tower. Conquer Macau's highest summit at the Macau Tower, at 338 metres, and stand at the top of the tower by climbing 100 metres up the mast's vertical ladders. The SkyJump takes guests on a 20 second flight over the breathtaking cityscape of Macau, which is the highest adventure of its kind around the world. Taking off from the outer rim of Macau Tower 233 meters above ground, it is an astounding 41 metres higher than the only other Sky Jump in the world at the Sky Tower Auckland.

Harbour Cruise : Cruising along the coastline one can see the cultural, historical and entertaining Macau with The Harbour Cruise. The Harbour Cruise pushes off from the historical Inner Harbour and continues past famous local attractions such as A-Ma Temple, Macau Tower, Sai Van Bridge, Maritime Museum, and Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre, presenting passengers with a perfect perspective on the city's rich heritage in the adventurous, intimate environment that only a cruise can bring.

Coloane Island : People in love with the sea, beaches and adventure water sports can get into their groove at the beautiful beaches of Macau. In Coloane Island there are two warm water beaches. At Cheoc Van Beach there are several restaurants with esplanades, a swimming pool, a Portuguese Inn and a Nautical Club with equipment for canoeing and windsurfing. Hác Sá (Black Sand) is the most popular beach in Macau. The sand is indeed a grey to blackish colour and makes the water look somewhat dirty (especially at the tide line), but it’s perfectly clean. Hác-Sá beach is longer and is popular for windsurfing and jet-skiing. Near the beach there is a park that contains tennis courts, a swimming pool, picnic area, children's playground and several Portuguese and Chinese restaurants.

The Macau International Fireworks Display Contest : The Macau International Fireworks Display Contest is an internationally acclaimed event celebrated in Macau since 1989. For the past years, over 100 international teams from China, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan China, Japan, Korea, Australia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain have taken part in the "Macau International Fireworks Display Contest". The Macau Government Tourist Office will continue to work towards advancing the event's international status and reputation, with the vision to bring about the world's most prominent international fireworks display.

Macau Grand Prix : This year Macau celebrates of the 60th anniversary of the biggest motorsport event since 1954, the Macau Grand Prix. There is no dearth of motoring talent, daredevilry and never say die attitude on the tracks. Speed always thrills at the annual Macau Grand prix. It is probably the most internationally known event produced in Macau, because of its quality and of its history of more than five decades. The Grand Prix is in fact a set of car and motorcycle races in a city circuit. During the days of the Grand Prix the city lives an extraordinary excitement: the noise of the engines, the crowds of tourists, and the colourful decoration of the streets. All changes the rhythm of life during one week. The race weekend is set for November 9-10, and the second to be hosted from November 14-17, 2013.

Macau: A land of plenty : Visit Macau for entertainment, to experience a slice of its cultural festivities and to satiate the adrenaline junkie in you. Macau is the land of plenty with offerings for one and all. Get lucky and keep your loved ones happy by travelling to Macau this year.

Source / Review By : Macau Tourism Marketing Office, Delhi

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