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Greetings from Bergen (Norway)

''Bergen is about 45 min by flight and 8 hours by train from Oslo, Norway’s capital.''

Bergen is the gateway to one of the world’s most spectacular tourist attractions, the Norwegian fjords included in UNESCO’s World Heritage.
Nature has been very kind to Bergen. It lies between 7 mountains or the De syv fjell as the Norwegians call it -- Ulriken (which is the highest) Floyen, Lovstakken and Damsgardsfjellet, Lyderhorn, Sandviksfjellet and Rundemanen.

Why go the distance : Untapped natural beauty, rich history and tradition and small-town charm and ambience.

Stay and getting around : Do visit Tourist Information Centre, located in the city centre (Torgallmenningen Square), to plan your trip and stay in Bergen. Here you will find all the one-day trips that you can take to the Fjords, mountains and other ferry rides. It is bang opposite Bryggen (the heritage site).
Address: Strandkaien 3, N-5012 Bergen?Phone: +47 55 55 20 00.
The best way to move around is to take a hop-on hop-off bus tour. It will give you the flexibility to decide to how long you want to spend in a particular spot. Also, look out for Norway in a nutshell trip (with different packages from 1 day to 1 week). It will take you to all the Fjords. For this, you can book online (

Tourist spots of Bergen : City Centre or Torgallmenningen: It is the main square of Bergen. You can take a hop-on hop-off bus tour that shows you around the City Centre.

Ulriken: It is the highest mountain in Bergen. If you are adventurous enough, you can try paragliding and skiing here. Ulriken is not in the centre but you can take a Ulriken-specific tourist bus from the centre.

Bryggen: A five-minute walk from the heart of the centre, this heritage site in Bergen is the most popular tourist destination in the city.

Floyen: It is one of the seven mountains of Bergen and a must-do. If you are tight on schedule, you can leave out Ulriken but you must, must do Flyoen. To reach Floyen, you can avail a tram from Floibanen, which is walking distance from Bryggen. The view from the tram is just spectacular.

Bergen Museum: A steep climb up to the University within the city centre will take you to this Museum.

St. Mary's Church: A 900-year-old Church in the city centre.

Gamlehaugen Mansion – Once owned by a shipping magnate Michelsen, the mansion belongs to the royal family of Norway now.

Rozenkrntz Tower – It is a very important renaissance monument of Norway.

Nordnes Sjobad – It is a public swimming pool in Bergen where all the ‘water babies’ can de-stress and enjoy the Bergen summer better.

Nordnes Aquarium – For all those who enjoy the brilliant colours and fascinating aquatic lives have to visit the Nordnes Aquarium to know what the fuss is about.

Fish Torget - Fish torget or fish market is set up close to Bryggen area. It is where most residents come to shop for the freshest and the best sea food.

Brann - Mention of Bergen without Brann is just incomplete. For all those soccer/football fans, Brann is Norwegian football club. The home matches are played in Brann stadium in Bergen.

Places to stay : City Centre is undoubtedly the best bet as it is in the midst of the city.

Look out for : • Festivals in Bergen – Bergen has a lot of festivals. The biggest one is Festspillene I Bergen typically held in May.
• Do take a trip to Grieghallen, the black metal recording studio – a must for all black metal fans.
• Tre Kroner hotdogs - Just delicious.
• Blue stone is a rock opposite a restaurant, Dickens - a meeting point for all Bergans.
• Café opera: Bergans love this cafe for some reason. You can try and find out.

Best months to visit : May and June. The city and the countryside are in full bloom. If you plan a trip around this time, you can attend the Bergen Festival, a 70-year-old festival that the Bergans take pride in. It involves opera, musicals, plays and orchestra performances. You could also go in for a seven-mountain marathon in May. The limit is 70,000 participants and it is always fully booked! Bergans love trekking.

If you are a fitness freak : You can try and walk up to the Floyen, instead of taking the bybanen, (tram). Or you can choose to trek up to any of the mountains but don’t let the rains, if any, dampen your spirit. On a bright sunny day, the view from the mountain is just outstanding

What to pack : Rain gear. It rains in Bergen for 200 plus days in a year. Even in the better months of May and June, you can expect some days of incessant rain. So don’t forget on your umbrellas, mackintosh and gumboots. If not, you can buy them at the city centre.

Books : If you want to get a fun insight into the Norwegian Culture, do read a book called Brown Cheese Please. Helps you understand the cultural aspect of Norway.

Souvenirs : Shops like Ting have excellent souvenirs. You could pick up toy models of Bryggen (row of colourful, old, house-like buildings), troll decorations. As funny as it may sound trolls are a very important part of Norwegian folklore. You could also pick up Viking toys or fridge magnets.

Local food, drink & dessert : Sommerbollen (sweet bun with a yellow centre), Skillingsbolle (Bergans love this sweet treat), Pinnekjott: (lamb meat), Faarikal- Lamb with cabbage. Try the locally brewed beer. Beer drinkers will love it.

What to say : Tussen Takk – means a thousand thanks

Vær så god – for welcome, if you please, bon appetite

Source / Review By : Shruti Singh


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