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Agra via Expressway

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''Travelling within Delhi can actually take more time than what it takes to reach Agra these days.''

Travel tips! : Well, its definitely easy these days to pack your bags and head to Agra. But remember there are certain dos and don'ts that you must keep in mind.

• Make sure the tyres of your car are completely ok. Breakdowns are common here due to tyre bursts specially since the road is absolutely smooth and cars run extremely fast.

• Toll-tax on the Yamuna Expressway - one way for cars - is Rs 320. Please keep the receipt or the parchi after the payment. DO NOT THROW IT AWAY. After paying the toll tax, you will be required to show the parchi two more times on the same road en route to Agra. If you lose it, you will have to pay again.

• There are hardly any petrol pumps on this Expressway. It's best to have a full tank when you start.

• There are no major food joints or eateries here. There are just two of them, which are primarily takeaways but they aren't very great in terms of the choice. You can just pick up some chips, soft drinks, water from here. It's best to pack some food/snacks for the road if you have left home early and have skipped breakfast.

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