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''Visit the much talked about fort here & spend the night at Alwar recounting your horror stories''

The story behind it : Many, many moons ago, a tantrik turned to black magic to make Bhangarh king’s daughter to fall in love with him but in vain!
The princess cast off the spell and the tantrik’s black magic backfired. And as the story goes, he was crushed to death by a huge stone. And thus began the HORROR story.
Before he died, he cursed the town with death and doom.
Today, Bhangarh is in tatters and there is no inhabitation and it is definitely one of India’s spookiest destinations. The whole town is cursed except for the temples here.

Travel tip : You should visit the remains at Bhangarh Fort only during the day time as locals claim that the spirits rise after sunset to haunt those who venture after dark. And anyways, you can enter the fort only between sunrise and sunset and if you flout this rule, legal action will be taken against you.

Food & Shopping : Make sure you gorge on traditional Alwar mawa sweets. If you are looking to shop, traditional silver jewellery and ethnic outfits are the things to look out for.

Distance from Delhi : About 240 km. Should not ideally take more than 3 hours 30 minutes to reach.

Stay : You could spend the night at Alwar, a city carved out of rocks, also referred to as the Land of Tigers, The Tiger Gate of Rajasthan. Alwar would be about 90 km from Bhangarh and is famous for magnificent forts and palaces along with several beautiful lakes.

To reach Bhangarh : By Rail: Many express trains link Alwar with Delhi. They are very convenient. Take a cab from Alwar to reach Bhangarh.
By road: Take the national highway to go towards Jaipur. Alwar is somewhere between Jaipur & Delhi.

Source / Review By : Ayandrali Dutta

Ayandrali is a lifestyle journo in Delhi

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