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Mcleodganj: Seat of Dalai Lama

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''Ancient temples, monasteries, nature, shopping, food - everything's just fascinating here''

Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh : Located in upper Dharmasala, McLeodganj is the seat of Dalai Lama. Apart from the ancient temples, monasteries and structures, there is an innate small-town charm here that will transport you to a different world altogether. In fact, it is a mini Tibet is various ways. The ambience here quite literally resonates Buddhist religious practices and lifestyles.

Things to see : Nature too is very kind to this place. Bhagsu Falls, Dal Lake, Hanuman-Ka-Tibba & Triund are some of the ‘must-see’ spots here. Bhagsu is a small waterfall which is about 2km from Mcleodganj. The water is cold and the view is spectacular. You could gorge on piping hot Maggie after getting wet in the waterfall. Dal Lake, located between Mcleodganj and Naddi village, is surrounded by green Deodar forests. For trekkers , Hanuman-Ka-Tibba and Triund are THE spots. Don't miss them at any cost.

Food : Street food in McLeodganj is very popular. You get Tibetan, Himachali, Italian, Belgian, Korean and Japanese. And there are new stalls opening every second day.
In Tibetan cuisine, there is a vast spread. If you like momos, here you get a variety that you can't even think of - spiced potato, cabbage, spinach, radish and carrot. You get them either steamed or fried like anywhere else and with that you get some chilli sauce. You also get noodles, mutton thukpa & pok choy soup in Tibetan cuisine.
If you like experimenting, make sure you try lang phing, a Chinese turmeric-flavoured pancake. It is served with a soup made of chilli, soy sauce, garlic and salt. Non veggies !!! Please don't lose heart. You too can have a feast here and can think away from just dimsums. You get yum preparations of pork, which are typically served with a few side dishes like aubergine in soy sauce, kimchi and a soup. Also, you could try the Japanese sushis.

Shopping : You will be spoilt silly for it is a shopping paradise. You can carry back a bag full of knick-knacks. Plus, you can buy milk cheese, dried noodles, peanut butter, etc. If you like clothes and junk jewellery, it's a wow as this the place. But make sure you bargain. PS: Don’t miss out on handmade paper stationery, they are amazing.

To reach : By road: It will take about 9 hours. So if you are game to have a long journey, take an overnight bus. They leave from CP/Janpath. By train: Pathankot and Hoshiarpur are the closest stations. You will have to take a cab from there.

Source / Review By : Paramita Chatterjee


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