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Gokarna (Karnataka): If You Are a Beach Person

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''Even as Gokarna is listed as a religious place, the destination offers much more than that.''

Pl note Gokarna is believed to house the original image of Lord Shiva's lingam!

Places to visit : Gokarna beach, Kuddle beach, Om beach, Half moon beach, Paradise beach and Nirvana beach.

Ideal number of days : 3-4 days

Cuisine : Food here is experimental and immensely scrumptious. There is no particular cuisine you will get here and do not expect to hog on to Kannadiga preparations. The usual theme of food is continental -- baked beans, sausages, nutella pancakes, and ice cream with parle-G. Gokarna is still counted amongst the unexplored places, so the number of beach shacks is limited. Best experience will be to eat while sitting overlooking the sea, sipping a beer.

Travel tips : Trek, walk and trek! That’s what you will be doing if you are in Gokarna. Although, Gokarna is listed as a religious place because it is believed to house the original image of Lord Shiva's lingam, the destination offers much more than that.
Gokarna has begun to crop up in travel plans only recently. Gokarna is about a 12-13 hours bus drive from Bangalore and Mumbai. You will easily find auto rickshaws to reach your desired beach for a stay.
The main Gokarna beach, in the town, is unimpressive with heavy dose of local population and filth. Move about 4-5 kilometres away from the city towards Kuddle beach and you will experience the heaven of Gokarna; it is most visited by the foreigners.
In Gokarna, only the main beach, Kudle beach and Om beach are connected through roads. Half moon beach, paradise beach and nirvana beach are accessible only by trekking. Therefore, carry comfortable footwear, even though the trek is not hard. If you are visiting for the first time, tag along with someone or ask someone the trekking route. Also, carry comfortable clothing. Save your beach dresses only for the evening.

A trip advisory : The beaches in Gokarna, except the main beach, are frequented by foreigners, who might be a treat for the underexposed Indian eyes, but please do not ogle or stare. After all, they are guests in our country looking for some fun their own way.

Source / Review By : Durba Ghosh

Durba is a journo with Cogencis

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