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Grape Crushing & Wine Tasting @ Sula Vineyards

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''Whether we like wine or not, we all know about Sula & that's reason enough to visit Sula vineyards.''

Location - Outskirts of Nashik city : For those who cherish wine, Sula vineyards in the outskirts of Nashik city is a must go. Located a few kms away from central Nashik, the winery is open to public and see thousands of people flocking every weekend. An annual fest is organised too in February every year, which is attended by wine lovers from across the country.

The winery is located amidst vineyards surrounded by hills and Gangapur lake at a distance which adds natural flavour to the place. The place also houses a rooftop restaurant, which gives an excellent view of the vineyards. Wine bottle lamps hanging from the ceiling further adds to the decor. Besides its range of velvette wines, the Sula resto offers some delicious wine cuisines too.

How to go about it : One tour every hour to wine making and tasting is conducted daily between 11.30 am-5.30pm. The cost of the tour per person is Rs 150 which includes tasting of Sula's four premium wines and Rs 250 for those interested in tasting six wines. The tour involves giving brief history of the company and then taking through various steps of wine making from grape crushing, fermenting to maturing and bottling briefly. The tour is open to questions.

The tour ends in a glass tasting room where you will be lead through the proper steps to see, swirl, sniff and sip wine. The session is on for almost half an hour.

You can also lay you hands on Sula T-shirts, stemware and ice buckets which are up for sale in the large glass display area.

Source / Review By : Pramugdha Mamgain

Pramugdha is a former journo of ET. She has also worked as an Assistant Professor in Amity University

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