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Barren Island & Narcondam Island

''Barren Island's the only active volcano in South East Asia, while Narcondam's a wildlife sanctuary.''

Barren Island : Barren Island is the only active volcano in South East Asia. The real treat, however, is the scuba diving in the waters surrounding Barren Island.
A volcanic eruption has covered almost everything underwater and with a thick layer of black sand, creating an unusual magnificent landscape to explore with solidified lava flow making for spectacular underwater cliffs & canyons; and tunas and sharks swimming along black walls which plunge to over 500 meters.
As the heavy black sand sinks to the bottom, visibility here can exceed 50 meters and marine animals as rare and distinctive as Manta Rays and Hammerhead Sharks have been seen here.
The contrasting vivid colours of bright fish against the jet-black wall is almost psychedelic; and this is a unique diving experience for all enthusiasts of the underwater world.

Narcondam Island : It is a wildlife sanctuary. It has captured the imagination of travellers & explorers for a long time, owing to its extreme remoteness and population of endemic (found here & nowhere else) species. It has a strong evolutionary significance and has even been compared with the Galapagos Islands. Its most famous inhabitant is the endangered “Narcondam Hornbill” – a type of hornbill found only here.
The waters surrounding Narcondam Island are legendary for being a “diver’s paradise”. An extinct volcano, Narcondam was put on the diving map by diving pioneer Jacque Cousteau who was the first to dive in these waters, describing "a wondrous realm of stunning marine life and coral reefs". The diving here features magnificent coral formations, spectacular rocky drop offs and presence of pelagics and majestic creatures such as Manta Rays; plus gas bubbles rising from fissures in the ocean floor.

To reach : These are not very easy destinations to do. You have to first reach PORT BLAIR, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. From there, you have to take a yacht. Pl note, you can't take any and every boat to reach the destination. So you have to charter a boat. The only commercial boat that goes from India to the destination is Infiniti. There are certain other South East Asian cruises that go there which you could avail from PORT BLAIR

Cruise Cost @ Infiniti : Price per person starts at Rs 1,40,000 for 8 days cruise.
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