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Davos (Switzerland): Fests Round the Year!

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''Here are some of the exhilarating events in the coming months. Plan now & book your tickets!''

Davos Klosters is a vibrant cosmos packed with contrasts that are mutually attractive and enhancing: a sports eldorado, health resort, business city and cultural metropolis merge together in the middle of stunning mountain scenery and transform Europe’s highest-altitude Alpine town into the place of a thousand possibilities.

Guided bike tours, Davos Klosters - June to Oct : From summer 2014 onwards, the Hotel Grischa is organising guided bike tours with trained mountain bike guides, in which everyone can take part.
On these guided day tours, visitors will not just get to know Davos Klosters as a biking destination, but will also learn a whole host of handy hints and tricks to keep them safe when out and about on two wheels.
Tours are organised for four people or more, with a maximum of eight people per guide. For more info, log on to:

Folk music, pop hits and a great atmosphere : Dates: June 21 –28
The focus will once again be on the experience, the shared hikes and the music. The participating hotels will once again take personal care of their guests and accompany them on walks and hikes to the most beautiful corners of the region. The concerts will be held in the open air or on four evenings in the participating hotels. Special locations, like the Sertig, the Schatzalp, Lake Schwarzsee and the Seehofseeli, have been selected as the venues for the daytime concerts. Hiking with like-minded people to listen to folk music resonating around Davos‘ beautiful countryside, swaying to and fro to the music and just having a good time. For more info, log on to:

Jazz music in the Mountains : Dates July 8 - July 13
When the days are long & warm in Davos Klosters, the streets & squares resound to jazz sounds. It‘s hard to imagine the resort without its annual Jazz Festival. Once again this year, different concerts in a wealth of different jazz styles will be held during the festival, with large brass bands playing alongside solists against the backdrop of the magnificent Alps – there‘s sure to be something for everyone.
For more information, log on to:

Social dance and musical entertainment : Date: July 19
Each year, the clubs and societies in Klosters organize a social get-to-know-you festival in the idyllic Silvretta Park. Visitors and locals alike mingle to the musical entertainment and gastronomic delights a-plenty. A children‘s programme of events is sure to make little ones‘ eyes light up, transforming this summer evening festival into a celebration for all the family. The Silvretta Park in Klosters is a meeting place for visitors and locals, for the young and not-so-young. For more info, log on to:

Theatre - July - August : The Klosters-Serneus theatre group will be staging the play “D‘ Wätterhäx”, or in English the Weather Witch. The theatre will perform the play in the open air in Maiensässen on Selfranga. Tourists will be treated to an original play against the background of the breathtaking mountain scenery high above Klosters.
For more info, log on to:

Convivial folk evenings, Davos - July and August 2 : A number of different local folk groups from Davos Klosters will perform on folk evenings in the Davos Conference Centre. Alongside rural choirs, yodelling choirs and Alpine horn blowers, there will also be performances from flag-wavers and traditional folk groups. Visitors will be treated to regional songs, music and dance.
For more info, log on to:

Swinging from tree to tree like Tarzan : Dates: July to September
Before they are let loose, all Tourists are instructed by the park‘s employees in key safety techniques. Then you‘re off on your own and can move independently around the six courses, swinging from one platform to the next. The high-wire park is divided into different levels of difficulty. There is a specially secured course for children in which they can learn how to rope climb from tree to tree. The twelve-metre high pendulum on which visitors float between heaven and earth is the toughest challenge of all. Children under the age of 12 are only permitted to enter the high-wire park accompanied by an adult.
For more info, log on to:

Music off the beaten track, Davos - Aug 2-16 : The Davos Festival invites around 60 young, highly talented musicians from 15 different countries to Davos for two weeks. During these weeks, audiences will be treated to music from these highly talented students from European conservatoires, who come together for the Davos Camerata Festival, will have an opportunity to hear work from the Armenian composer-in-residence“ Tigran Mansurian, enjoy the Swiss Army Games and even get involved themselves by taking part in the daily singing in Conference Centre.
For more info, log on to:

Open-air pop hits and folk music - Aug 8-9 : Following the great success of the Klostertal Open Air 2008 in Klosters Monbiel, the Club decided to organize a further large-scale event in the form of an open-air convert. A unique festival arena was set up in Bündelti not far up the valley from Klosters. Major stars from the world of folk music, like the Nockalm Quintett, Die jungen Zillertaler, Oesch’s die Dritten, Marc Pircher, Monique, Sigrid and Marina, Die Grubertaler, Markus Wolfahrt, Hattinger Buam, Mürztaler, Scheidnerbuaba among others, will deliver a magnificent performance of hits and folk music against the fabulous backdrop of Klosters Alps.
For more info, log on to:

Alpine Parade - September 13 : This traditional celebration to herd the decorated animals down from their summer Alpine pastures is accompanied by lively folk music and a large feast. Visitors also have the opportunity to buy local products directly from the producers on market stalls. Younger visitors will love the petting zoo and the fun playground. For more info, log on to:

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