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''The largest inland salt lake in India, Sambhar is about 80 km from Jaipur. Wanna visit?''

Time taken to reach : Typically about 5 hours. Pl note, it's better to take a train these days and avoid a road journey because of the construction work on Delhi-Jaipur highway. Jaipur itself takes a lot of time these days, sometimes as much as 12 hours. Phew!

Things to see : The Sambhar Lake. Here you can see production of salt. For your information, Sambhar also houses a few large salt manufacturing units in India.

Shakambhari Devi temple. It is rich in history and features in The Mahabharata as well. As per mythology, Shakambhari Devi converted a forest here into a plain of silver, which in turn was converted into a salt lake.

If you go in winters, you can indulge in bird watching.

Sambhar Wildlife Sanctuary: First, it is famous for bird watching. You could see some popular species like coots, black-winged stilts and redshanks. Also, if you are lucky, you can spot Tigers.

Ideal time to visit : October to March. You can stretch it to April, too, as the heat is still tolerable and you stand a good chance to enjoy the outdoors. Avoid June to September. For one, it's peak summers. Two, during monsoons, will you not find enough wildlife there and three, you wouldn't be able to see enough salt production as well.

Travel tips : Make sure you carry your camera. If you have spare time, you can spend a night in Jaipur.

How to reach : By Road: Drive down to Jaipur first, then head towards Bhawani Singh Rd, on NH 8. By Rail: Sambhar has a railway station.

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