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''Check out top 3 old eating joints in the capital. Here's why you should visit them.''

Keventers (CP): Famous for Milk Shakes : If you are tired roaming around in CP and Janpath and want to stop over for a quick bite, Keventers is the place.

The shop has been around since 1926 and was first owned by a British, Edward Kevinter. It was then a dairy shop selling ghee, butter, cheese and milk. During partition, the Dalmia’s acquired it and subsequently in the '70s, sold it to the current owners Aman and Agastya. Since then it has been selling milk shakes. While it started with just three flavours vanilla, strawberry and pineapple, today there are at least 8 varieties on the menu. What's more - there are quick bites too that you can indulge in. Go in for a sandwich, a calzone, a doughnut if you are hungry!

What's special about the shakes:
They are sold in the retro glass milk bottles, giant enough to quench your thirst. One has 8 flavours to choose from. However, butterscotch, strawberry and pineapple remain the favourite still.

A bottle of shake (about 400ml) will cost you Rs 50. It doesn't pinch the pocket and is filling, too. You can also have ice-cream added to your shake for additional 40 bucks.

There is no seating arrangement so you will have to stand or sit on a bench somewhere.

Depaul’s in Janpath : If you are travelling by a metro, get off at Rajiv Chawk and exit from Gate No.6. Go towards Janpath and it will fall on your right. Do ask people around if you are unable to locate it. Most of the Dilliwallahs will know it.

What’s so special?
At first glance it seems like a small eatery and a nondescript shop selling cosmetics, too. But it's only after stepping inside this small humble place that you start enjoying it. It has got old placards all over. The cold coffee and milk shakes are sold in tiny plastic bottles that look like sauce bottles from a roadside shop. And, well... all these peculiar things will make you love it.

What to expect:
Like the owner put it, “right quality, right quantity and right price". It is run by Ashwani Kathpalia, a second generation owner. The place has excellent food at a cheap price, with over 50 things on the menu and everything below Rs 50. If you are shopping in Janpath then you can cool off after the shopping spree. Rest assured, you can have a great afternoon talking to friends over some great and economical food.

Paranthey Wali Gali - Chandini Chowk : No matter what you say about this place, there is more to it! Have you heard of paranthas stuffed with pumpkin or rabri? Well, this is the place where you will find road-side restaurants that sell paranthas with unique stuffings.

Gaya Prasad Shiv Charan and Pt. Kanhaya Lal Durga Prasad are two shops adjacent to each other in the famous Paranthey wali gali in Chandini Chawk. Both sell paranthas and have over 25 unique parathas. Gaya Prasad established its shop in 1872 and Pt Kanhaya Parathey waley established it in 1875. Both claim the other copied them but each has a unique style of cooking paranthas.

What to expect:
A parantha thali will cost you Rs 40 with all sorts of accompaniments such as green chutney, sweet chutney, curd, butter, raita, pickle and sabzi. The parantha variety is unique with filling options of banana, rabri, almond, papad, lemon, mint and many more.

How to reach:
Take a metro as driving inside Chandini Chawk could be a pain. You will be lead into a narrow lane after exiting Chandini Chowk metro station and will hit the main road thereafter. Cross to the other side and ask for Paranthe Wali Gali. The distance is not much and can be easily covered on foot.

Things to know
Be careful of pick pockets. Since there are too, too many narrow lanes, they can be confusing. Try to go with somebody who knows Delhi or if you are visiting it on your own, ask around for directions. The shops don’t have air conditioners or five star seating but the food is worth all trouble.

Source / Review By : Stephan Bayley


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