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''A quiet location with wide stretches of pine and deodar forest offers an ideal ambience to relax.''

Trekking and mountain biking in Kausani are big attractions for those who love traversing the hills for an adventurous experience. Not to miss is the sunrise and sunset behind snow clad Himalayas, which can be seen from almost any part of the town.

LOCATION : About 400 kms from Delhi. It is about 53 kms north of Almora in Kumaon.

BEST TIME TO VISIT : For honeymooners and young couples, the best time to visit would be the months of December, January and Feb, during which the place witnesses heavy snowfall. For trekkers, the best time to visit is March - May and September - October.

Now, the beauty of the place is such that it can be done even in autumn and winters, as the town is soaked in solitude and serenity with a chill permeating the air. However, avoid July and August for trekking as the path becomes slippery due to heavy rainfall, which results in landslides.

ABOUT THE PLACE : Kausani is one of the few untouched hill stations in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, which has managed to stay hidden from the boisterous tourism wave. But, it has managed to catch the eye of those looking for off-beat destinations.

This hill station lies atop the ridge overlooking Someshwar valley on one side and Garur and Baijnath Katyuri valley on the other. It also offers view of the Himalayan peaks like Trishul, Nanda Devi and Panchchuli.

The place serves as a base camp for treks to destinations such as Dharchula, Adi-Kailash, Bara Pinath and Sundergandha. The lower part of the town has the local market and the upper part of the town, where the Gandhi Ashram is situated, s the place where most hotels are located.

Praised by poets and philosophers, this scenic spot offers sightseeing, history and complete relaxation for travellers. Gandhiji stayed here at the Anashakti Ashram in 1929 and was inspired by the superb Himalayan panorama. It is also the native place of national poet late Shri Sumitra Nandan Pant.

Sitting on a green terraced hillside are the Rudhadhari falls with many ancient caves. The Shiv Temple at Someshwar is situated close to the waterfalls. These magnificent waterfalls can be viewed while trekking to Adi Kailash region.

Also known as Gandhi Ashram, Anasakti Ashram was built to pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi who stayed here in 1929 and described it as the 'Switzerland of India'. It is here that he wrote his treatise Anasakti Yoga. The Ashram has a huge stock of books and Gandhi’s photographs.

It’s an ancient historical temple, about 20 kms from the town in the Garur valley of Katyur with shirnes of Shiva, Ganesh and Parvati along with those of Chandika, Kuber, Surya and Brahma. It is a 12th century temple on the banks of Gomti River. Feeding the fishes just beside the temple is considered a ritual after offering your pujas. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva and Parvati were married at the confluence of River Gomati and Garur Ganga.

Someshwar is home to a temple, which has Lord Shiva as its chief deity. Constructed by the founder of the Chand Dynasty, the town offers views of the beautiful Someshwar Valley.

Kausani is Hindi poet Sumitranandan’s birth place. The gallery houses hundreds of English and Hindi books displayed in glass cabinets showcasing his manuscripts of the poems and draft copies of his literary works. The museum also has collection of the awards, letters written and received by him. A poetry symposium is organized here every year to mark the poet's birth anniversary.

Kausani is also famous for its tea gardens and pear orchards. Giria s Uttaranchal Tea is produced here, which is made of high quality tea clones and biclonel seeds developed from the famous china hybrid tea bushes of Darjeeling. You can have somebody guide you through the factory showing you how tea is manufactured. Kausani exports its high-flavoured tea to many countries, including Australia, Germany, Korea and the United States.

One of the highest peaks in Kausani, Pinnath is famous for trekking and mountaineering. Pinnath village, located at the foot of the Gopalkot Peak and about 5 kms from Kausani, is also known for Pinnath Temple. The walls of the temple are decorated with the images of Hindu deities Mahadev and Devi. Every year in the month of October a fair is conducted in the village which magnetizes numerous tourists and devotees.

A planetarium-cum-internet cafe, it is run by an astronomy enthusiast in Kausani. When clear night sky is available, stargazing is an option for the tourists for which, the planetarium is outfitted with varieties of telescope.

This temple 5 kms from Garur is dedicated to the incarnation of Durga who took the form of a wasp to kill the demon. It is believed that the great Indian sage Guru Shankarcharya stayed at this temple while travelling to Garhwal. Every year in August, a fair known as the Nanda Ashtami or Nanda Raj Jat is organised here and a big procession is carried out.

A big market town and home to the Hill Welfare Society.

It is a world famous glacier for trekking and is easy compared with most other glaciers. This glacier is situated between the snow capped Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot mountains.

Kafni Glacier:
It is situated at an altitude of 3853 mts. Many breathtaking views of the mighty Himalayan ranges are visible during the trek.

Sundar Dhunga Glacier:
Located at an altitude 3880 mts, the place is full of natural beauty, with picturesque view of many Himalayan ranges. The entire trek route is a treat for the eyes.

WHAT TO BUY : Kausani Shawls can be purchased from the local market or from the Kausani Shawl factory.
Also, Uttaranchal Tea is one of the finest in India.

Hire a cab or drive down taking this route:
Delhi-Hapur-NMoradabad-Ramnagar-Ranikhet-Kausani (This route would be few kms longer)
You can stop by at Almora enroute to Kausani.

By Train:
If travelling by Train, you will have to get off at Kathgodam Station, the nearest railway stations to Kausani, and hire a Tourist Taxi to take you to Kausani. Kathgodam station is connected to major cities of India.

By Air:
The nearest airport is located at Pantnagar, about 162 kilometres from Kausani, which usually takes about five hours. The Pantnagar Airport is less of a commercial airport and used more by private charters.

STAY OPTIONS : Chevron Mountain Villa – Ph : +91 5962 258 016
Sun N Snow Inn – Ph: +91 93 10 184174
Blossom Resort - Ph: +91-8958519128, +91-9634060252, +91-9634167821
Ph: +91-9990195550, 05962 - 258113

Suman Royal Resort – Ph: +91 98 73 635370
Krishna Mount View – Ph: +91 5962 258 008
Chevron Eco Lodge – Ph: +91 5962 258 267
Kausani Best Inn - Ph: +91 75 00 075361
Pratiksha Resort - Ph: +91-9412926056, +91-9917554618
Himalayan Village Resort – Ph: +91-9536022799, +91-5946747199
Heritage Resort – Ph: +91 94 12 092099
Himalaya Mount View – Ph: +91- 9654780079 , 011 64557711
Nature's Valley Resort, Kausani – Ph: +91 85 27 628969
Pine Havens – Ph: +91 5962 258 258
Snow View Guest House – Ph: +91 5962 258 216
Stay Well Resort – Ph: +91- 9654780079 , 011 64557711

Source / Review By : Pramugdha Mamgain Nautiyal


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