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Chembra Peak in Wayanad

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''There’s a heart shaped lake at the peak, which is believed to have never dried-up''

LOCATION : In the state of Kerala.

WHY GO THE DISTANCE : Hike up the rugged terrains of the Chembra Peak located 2,100 metres above sea level on the southern part of Wayanad. Chembra is the tallest peak in Wayanad and is an ideal area for trekking. There is a heart shaped lake on the way to the top of the peak, which is believed to have never dried up, is a major tourist attraction here. With permission from the Forest Department, one-day treks and two-day wildlife treks are possible. You can have group treks of up to ten people or hike on your own, accompanied by a guide.

It is a dwelling that showcases nature’s skill and philosophy on architecture and you have to trek to about 4000 ft up a mountain to reach the place. The name of Edakkal Caves literally means `a stone in between’. As the name indicates, it seems that one boulder miraculously wedged in between two bigger ones to create a cave.
A remote ticket office is perched high on the top of the mountain and the tourists can buy entry tickets from there. The authorities will open before you an iron gate, and then you can enter a world of history, which has never ceased to allure people.
A telescope is installed a few feet from the caves. It offers a panoramic view of the surrounding country.

Kuruvadweep - A Group of Islets in Wayanad:
Kuruvadweep is a group of islets forming 950 acres of evergreen forest. These islets are located in one of the tributaries of the River Kabani, which is close to the border with the State of Karnataka. There are three prominent islets among the group, where one would come across a variety of vegetation, some rare orchids and wild flowers. One of these main islands contain two small fresh water lakes These islets are also haven for migratory birds, whose activities break the otherwise silent environs of these beautiful islets. The avian life here includes hornbills, parrots and a host of butterfly species.

Thirunelli Temple:
Located in the forest region of Brahmagiri, this temple is known as the Kashi of South, owing to its religious significance. The temple is often compared to Gaya in Bihar and is famous for the rituals conducted for the departed souls. The temple is dedicated to Vishnu in the form of Chaturbhuja. There are sub-deities of Ganapathy and Nagam.
The temple surrounded by mountains, hidden in dense wood, provides a refreshing view of nature. It faces east and a view of sunrise from here is fascinating.

GETTING THERE : Nearest railway station: Kozhikode, about 79 km
Nearest airport: Karipur International Airport, about 92 km

ACCOMODATION : A few hotel options in Wayanad are listed below:

Issacs Hotel Regency: 04936220512
The Woolands Hotel: 04936202547
The Kallat Hotel Wayanad: 09544203333
Green Gates Hotel: 04936202001
Wayanad Lux Inn: 04936240024
Hiliya Resort Wayanad: 09947785511
Royal Palm Resort: 04936206096
Hotel Haritagiri: 04936203145
Hotel Mint Flower: 04936227179
Sharoy Wayanad Resorts: 09447883554
Wayanad Silverwoods: 04936273273
Wyndvalley Garden Resort: 04936206210

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