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''Relish music and experience a purgatory trance you just can’t afford to miss''

If you worship art and music, travel to Himachal and explore and learn about this excellent Festival of music - Outlandish. The festival will invite music groups from various cities including the famous bands like Susmit Sen Chornicles, Parikrama, Nasya, Swarveda and Just Ittefaaq to create a forum for different group of young minds to meet and exchange similar feel for arts and music during the three-day festival.

WHEN : 3rd, 4th, 5th October, 2014

WHERE : At Himgiri Resort, Naddi, Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh

WHAT TO EXPECT : Besides serving as a platform for interaction among musicians, music professionals, music lovers, music trade firms and music institutes, the festival will also help initiate cross-cultural dialogue among people and artists of the region with those from others parts of the country and the world.

Apart from music Outlandish will also promote local artisans (painters, weavers to name a few) and photography community. Live painting contest, photography workshops, Jam session at camps, Tattoos will be some of the major highlight of the festival. It will also serve as a platform via where many struggling and upcoming musicians can run for their luck and might just get luckier.

Outlandish will not only benefit art & music community of the state but will also bring a lot of tourism to places like Naddi (Outlandish destination), which will directly indirectly help in improving the lives of local and will help in development of the place.

The events will be spread across three step campus of Himgiri Resort. An open-air stage for live music, an indoor auditorium for photography, a food court and ten stalls specially created for the purpose. While the live music performances will be held in the open-air venue, the auditoriums and pavilions will be used for the lecture-demonstration sessions, film screening event, display kiosks for professionals and firms from the music trade industry.

ARTISTS : Parikarma, Susmit Sen Chronicles, NASYA, Jasleen Royal, Just Ittefaaq, LIFE, Himalayan Routes, Wire Weed, Toxoid, Mrityu Dand, Ashes Bury Sorrow, Leaftone, JJI Exile Brothers, Chaar Hazaari, Distortion of Mischief, Rust Rewired, Aman, The Hijackers, Tibttee, DJ Shak, DJ Navdeep, DJ Ansh, DJ Gags, DJ Jayant Khasa, DJ Rixx, and many more!

Tickets: 0091 9990211191, 0091 9891505303
PR: 0091 9999404384
General Info: 0091 9873774753

PRICE : 3 Days Entry (Rs 2,500)
3 Days Entry + Stay: Call +91 8010051320 to book your package

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