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Samobor: A Scenic Medieval Town

''Dessert unique to Croatia 'Kremsnite', made with flaky filo pastry and custard, is a must try''

LOCATION : At the foot of the mountain Samobor and west of Zagreb, Croatia’s capital.

WHY GO THE DISTANCE : This quaint town gives a real ancient feel as ruins from the Stone and Iron Age can be seen here even today. The gurgling Gradna stream running through it further enhances it beauty and makes it an idyllic destination.

There can be nothing more peaceful and quiet away from hustle and bustle of a city. An amazing gastronomical experience, medieval atmosphere and above all nature to get lost in, what else does one wants when seeking a relaxed holiday.

Every weekend thousands flock to this small resort town has preserved its years old tradition and is so compact that everything is a few minutes’ walk from King Tomislav Square. This square is the heart of Samobor with beautiful buildings, lots of pavement cafés and restaurants. It is also a key centre for fairs, meetings and church gatherings.

Walking around the city is a perfect way to know the many churches, museums, art galleries and parks. There are many small walks within the town that can be done on foot as ease including pyramid at the top of Japetic and the walls of the old town Okic.

Žumberak and Samoborsko Gorje Hill Range are protected as a nature park. The forest vegetation reserve Japetic is known for its well-preserved old beech forest and rich mountain flora covering its hilly meadows. The region is also rich in springs of drinkable water.

It’s a town of craftsmen and also known for crystal-cutting. The leather craft was also among the first local crafts ever since olden times.

THINGS TO DO : • Go for guided cycling tours
• If going in March, attend Samobor Salami Day events that include competition for the best
• Go hiking and climbing as Samobor offers many nice trails
• Try visiting Samobor castle, built in gothic style. Mostly in ruins now
• Anindol Park situated atop Tepec hill
• Marton Museum to see collection of eighteenth and nineteenth century furniture, paintings
from the Biedermeier era, many Czech glass items and Biedermeier silver pieces
• The Franciscan Monastery originally built in the thirteenth century by the order of King Bela IV
• Anastasua Church: A 17th century Baroque church, which dominated the square with a statue
of virgin Mary in front
• The 500-year old St. Michael Church
• Visit "U Prolazu" for world famous dessert "Kremsnita"
• Coffeehouses as coffee culture is very strong here
• Don’t forget to pick up local arts and crafts

GETTING THERE : The town is just 25 kms from Zagreb and is easily accessible by road. One can either board a public transport or even drive down.

BEST TIME : Samobor is attractive in all seasons. Winter snow lures mountain climbers, skiers and sledges. Swimmers, picnickers, hikers can have most of the place in summers. Spring is the best time to see gardens at their best.

Source / Review By : Team Triponomics

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