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Ho Chi Minh City In Vietnam

''Cycle around the city to get the best of it. You can always shop on the way :)''

There’s no dearth of places to shop, eat and drink in Ho Chi Minh. Step in the city and you will be welcomed by modern skyscrapers, oriental style pagodas and high-end shopping malls. No doubt, the city is also the centre of commerce. It’s one of those bustling cities of Vietnam that has pulled tourists in large numbers with its pulsating energy. The city is full of fine dining restaurants, glitzy bars and clubs and shops dealing in imported goods. So why wait?

THINGS TO DO : • If history interests you, visit to the WAR REMNANTS MUSEUM is a must. Images of the Vietnam War displayed in the museum are sad and distrubing, and bring the agony and atrocities faced by people in that era to life. It’s a well-maintained property and properly airconditioned that makes going around very comfortable. It is spread into three floors and is further subdivided into sections. Take your time to read it all.

• You’ll be fascinated to see the immense network of connecting underground CU CHI TUNNELS, which were used by Vietnamese soldiers during their fight against the American forces. The Viet soldiers used these tunnels as hiding spots during combat, which helped counter the growing American forces effort. We suggest you hire a guide to know more about the tunnels, which otherwise might be difficult to discover.

• The gleaming white MUNICIPAL THEATRE is shaped like the Opéra Garnier in Paris. The French architecture of this theatre is indeed a treat to the eyes. You will be tempted to stop and admire the building on the way. The theatre was built in 1897 and is home to the Ho Chi Minh City Ballet and Symphony Orchestra. You can catch up some real interesting plays here.

• The SAIGON CENTRAL POST OFFICE is a must see for its neoclassical architectural style. The building was constructed when Vietnam was part of French Indochina in the early 20th century. It’s also a one-stop shop for those interested in buying stamps and postcards. You get souvenirs too here. The building is pretty well-maintained. From outside it looks like a railway station.

INDEPENDENCE PALACE, also known as Reunification Palace, was the home and workplace of the President of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. It is the site where the Vietnam War essentially ended in 1975. The building stands beautifully in the middle of the city and is surrounded by well-maintained gardens. Here you get to see the luxurious lifestyle of the country’s president. Some of the more distinctive rooms include the governmental cabinet room, banquet, the palace conference hall , and some grand-looking receptions rooms.

• Located in the downtown of Ho Chi Minh City is the cathedral SAIGON NOTRE-DAME BASILICA. It’s a serene and quiet sight amidst the bustling traffic of the city. Nothing remarkable about the architecture but you can always drop in to spend a few hours in peace. Do check for opening hours before visiting the church.

• Get an insight into the Buddhist culture by visiting the GIÁC LÂM PAGODA that is set in lovely gardens. The pagoda is spread over a large area and so, it will take more than an hour or so to go around and see the place comfortably. It will be a good idea to seek help of a local to know more about the place that is otherwise full gilded Buddha statues. We suggest you to climb up the pagoda for a beautiful surrounding view.

• When you are through with admiring the history and culture of the city, you can always head to the Ð?M SEN PARK with your kids. It’s a perfect place for the kids comprising electronic games zone, folk tales theater, antique castle, rock garden, water palace, dancing island, sea life center and so on.

• For casual strolls or hang outs, you can always head to Ho Chi Minh Square. The square is bustling with activities always and offers tons of photo opportunities. Here you can also see the statue of Ho Chi Minh decorated beautifully with flowers.

SHOPPING : Ho Chi Minh City is truly a mecca for shopping enthusiasts!

PH?M NGU LÃO STREET, also known as the backpacker district, is an ideal option if you want to experience best of everything, be it affordable lodging, good food, cheap bars or bustling nightlife. You can also make it a base for exploring the city.

BEN THANH MARKET is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. You can shop everything from vegetables, dried fruit, meats, spices, sweets to clothing, wristwatches, jewellery and hardware in this market. Souvenir items can be found in equal abundance. Here you get imitations of big global brands at very cheap prices. Don’t forget to bargain.

• If you’re looking specifically for clothes, visiting NGUYEN TRAI STREET or SAIGON SQUARE will be a good idea. And to buy shoes, you can check out LY CHINH THANG STREET.

• Vietnam is especially famous for lacquerware and coconut dinnerware, for which you can check out AN DONG PLAZA, near Cho Lon in Chinatown. You can also shop for clothes and footwear here.

• Vietnamese handicrafts are unique and intricate. For antiques, you must try ANTIQUES STREET.

OLD MARKET is ideal for shopping imported food, wine, shaving cream, shampoo and so on.

DAN SINH MARKET is good for authentic combat boots, dog tags, among the hardware stalls. There are also handy gas masks, field stretchers, rain gear, mosquito nets, canteens, duffel bags, ponchos, boots and flak jackets.

• Go to TAN DINH MARKET for good deals in fabrics. Choose from a wider selection of fabrics at dirt-cheap prices.

VINCOM MALL is a nice place to shop for branded products. Because it’s an organised retail format, prices will be fixed.

FOOD/DRINK : Walking through the streets of the city, you can always smell the luscious Vietnamese food. Visit TOURS LES JOURS for mouth-watering pastries. The coffee culture is quite dominant in Vietnam. TRUNG NGUYEN is the largest coffee chain in Vietnam, where one can try the traditional Vietnamese coffee. Another popular chain is HIGHLANDS COFFEE which is no less in options. BANH MI is one of the foods that people commonly associate with Vietnam. It is a snack consisting of a baguette (traditionally baked with both rice and wheat flour) filled with a variety of ingredients, typically including meat, pickled vegetables, and chilli. RICE PAPER ROLLS prepared fresh out the front, with a seafood and pork option. Dipping sauces include a peanut sauce containing hoisin sauce, and nuoc mam pha, which is a mixed fish sauce. A bowl of PHO in the breakfast will set you right for the long day ahead.

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