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Positano in Italy: A Romantic Getaway

''Don’t forget to take home beautiful sketches and paintings of the Positano scenery!''

Positano is perched on a hill facing the seacoast with steeply-stacked houses that seem like tumbling down into the sea. The town was established as a fishing village initially but became popular with writers and tourists as a travel destination in the 1950s. Since then, tourists have been flocking the town for a holiday in large numbers every year. Dine by the seaside and enjoy breath-taking coastal views, gaze at the sea from the cliffside gardens or just go for a ferry ride into the sea to explore more of the place and its surroundings.

LOCATION : Positano is a romantic getaway located on the on the famous Amalfi coast in Campania, Italy.


GROTTA DELLO SMERDELLO is one of the key attractions in Positano. It’s a cave, partly inundated by the sea, and set in the charming bay of Conca dei Marini, 4 kms away from Amalfi. A boat at the entrance takes you insides the cave, which is all lit up emerald green due to reflection from the sea water. Here, you also come across huge stalactite and stalagmite structures rising from the sea.

CHIESA DI SANTA MARIA ASSUNTA is a beautiful domed church in Positano that houses a black Byzantine Madonna icon that dates from the 13th Century. It is also popular for exchanging vows. The church is very close to the beach and surrounded by some amazing eateries and restaurants.

You can hike up the MONTE FAITO mountain or reach by road to get some mesmerising views of the city below, the city of Naples towards the volcano Vesuvius. At the summit, you’ll find some restaurants and snack bars as well.

Enjoy a day basking in the sun at SPIAGGIA DEL FORNILLO beach and gaze at the surrounding views uninterruptedly. However, you won’t be able to resist getting into the crystal clears waters for long. It’s comparatively smaller to the main city beach and hence quieter as well.

Take out a day for hiking on the MONTI LATTARI (Lattari Mountains), which is a a mountain range in Campania, southern Italy constituting the backbone of the Sorrentine peninsula and of the Amalfi Coast.

Visit the beautiful island of CAPRI by taking a boat from Naples or Sorrento. The quickest way to travel to the center of Capri from the port of Marina Grande is by the island's funicular rail. Alternatively, you can always avail the bus service.

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