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Prague: Europe beckons

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''Countries that you could combine with Prague are Germany, Austria and Hungary.''

While June-August work out to be the ideal months if you are contemplating a summer vacation, the main attraction in the winters is the snow.

Travel time from India : Takes about 8 hours

Ideal time to take a holiday : Summers and winters in Prague have their own attractions. While June, July and August work out to be the ideal months if you are contemplating a summer vacation with your kids, the main attraction in the winters is the snow. Festivities begin in December just before Christmas. Please note Prague Christmas market is one of the best in Europe so if you want to have a warm Christmas celebrations in the heart of a snow land, here is where you can be. However, it is best to avoid January and February because it is too cold at this time.

Where to stay : You should try and stay either in Wenceslas Square or in the Old Town Square – the two main squares in Prague which are just 5 minutes apart on foot. Even if boarding here means shelling out few extra bucks, it makes sense to stay in this area as it the hub of the city and the main activity area with lots of hotels, apartments, restaurants, bars and clubs.

Food : Unlike a lot of other international destinations, this place is a haven for veggies too. Non vegetarians, please don’t miss out on the city’s signature dish: bread dumpling and roast pork.Must try local food shops near the sight seeing places.

What to pack : You could carry a few pairs of jeans or slacks and a variety of tops to go with them if you are visiting Prague in the summer months. Winters are chilly anyways, so a combination of woollens, overcoat, caps and socks is a must. However, remember you should dress in layers as you may begin to feel uncomfortable in heavy clothing while walking. Since it is best to explore Prague on foot you must carry comfortable pair of shoes.

Shopping : Besides Wenceslas Square or the Old Town Square where there are a plethora of local and international shops, don’t miss out shopping around Charles Bridge.
You could pick up local stuff such as wooden toys, czech crystals and porcelain and among many other regular souvenirs.

Travel tips : Prague is a safe city to walk around but pickpockets are very skilful, so keep an eye at your valuables. In taxis, insist the driver to put the meter on or agree on a price before entering.

The city : Rich in architecture and known as a heritage city, the most important monuments in Prague are the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, the Old Town Hall, the Petrin Hill Tower, among others.
The Charles Bridge is a pedestrian bridge connecting Prague Castle and the Old Town. You can spot musicians and painters here; do look out for the jazz band. The medieval astronomical clock located at the old town hall is also a ‘must watch’.

Please note: If you are not planning a trip to Prague but visiting other more popular places like Austria, a good idea would be to do a day trip to Prague and come back to wherever you are staying. Ask your travel agent there or even here in India to accommodate one day's visit to Prague.

Source / Review By : Aditi Chatterjee

Aditi is a travel buff. She lives in Kolkata

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