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Alibaug from Mumbai

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''Have to go to Mumbai on work? You can extend it by a day or two and take your family to Alibaug.''

Places to visit : Alibaug beach, Nagaon beach, Kihim beach

Ideal Number of days : Philosophically -- a lifetime. Realistically -- 2-3 days.

Cuisine : Well!! It's a beach destination, so who cares about the cuisine. There are no jaw-dropping-scrumptious food available at these beaches, but if you enjoy street food like bhajiya, vada pav, bread omlette, with a hot steaming cup of tea while you soak in the beauty of the horizon, you will enjoy it.

Travel tips : A sunscreen, scarf, towel and extra pair of clothes are mandatory things one needs to carry, no different from any other beach destination. Also, if you are a sea shell collector, carry a small handy pouch, because the treasures are beautiful.

Shopping : There is not much for shopaholics here. It is pure travel and sea. If you compulsively need to buy something, visit Alibaug's bustling main town, where you can find some regular knick knacks. You can also find sarongs and other beach wear.

Alibaug: A little over-rated : Alibaug is undoubtedly the most popular and most visited beach destinations near Mumbai. But, guess what? It is highly over-rated.

Nevertheless, visit it for the sake of checking it off your list. The real treasures are around Alibaug, like Kihim and Nagaon beach.

While Kihim is around 5 kms away from Alibaug, Nagaon beach is somewhere around 10 kms, both will take not more than an hour for you to reach.

To reach Alibaug, you can take the road from Mumbai -- car or bus, or even better, take the ferry ride from Gateway of India for the sheer joy of travelling by sea. Also, it is a much less time-consuming and enjoyable ride. Tickets can be booked on the spot.

The ferry will drop you at Mandwa, from where you will be directed to a local bus (the fare is included in the ferry ticket). Reach Alibaug town, stay there for the night, if you feel like. Visit the Kolaba fort, which is about 2 kms further on the beach shore.

It is a nice place to spend your evenings with friends. Also, visit the Brahma kund, a stepwell on a hill top. It offers great views and is perfect for photographers.

If you want a quiet place head to Kihim beach. It is a peaceful shore, despite being a fairly popular destination amongst Mumbai-ites. The beach shore stretches for several kilometres and is clean. In Kihim, you can also visit the small Portuguese-styled town, Chaul. People here are very welcoming and hospitable.

At Kihim, you can unwind and relax to the fullest.

If you want a place even quieter, drive to Nagaon. It is a long stretch, which leads to Alibaug beach. Here, it is unaffected by tourism and you will hardly find any restaurants. Street food, yes, so gorge on it. But, if seclusion is what you are looking for, this is the place. Staying options here are limited compared to Alibaug and Kihim. Amazingly, water sports are also conducted here, but not on a large scale. Bargain as much as you want! The beaches at Alibaug and Nagaon are extremely dark because of the soil, do not think it is dirt, because it is not.

Get in the water, you will enjoy it.

Source / Review By : Durba Ghosh

Durba is a journo with Cogencis

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